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You are on the searching platform for sports events youngtalentsgroup.com. The platform is designed for a wide range of users - those who are looking for tournaments, sports camps, places for training camps, training programs for coaches.

The company's mission is to erase the borders between countries for a greater choice of options where you can get the maximum competitive experience! Youngtalentsgroup.com is a convenient mechanism for finding sports events around the world, as it supports twenty independent language versions for five sports. Using of the platform for both event organizers and participants is absolutely free. There is a rating on the platform, which get any sport event or participant and it is influenced by the participants themselves, leaving feedback on the platform. Information on our website is hosted directly by the organizers. We just help you find each other.

Excellent competitions or specialized camps, where children and adults learn a lot - deserve to be known about as many people as possible on the whole planet! Using our service we will try our best to do it. Do not be lazy to read the Frequently Asked Questions tab for participants and organizers.

Information about sports events on the platform is always fresh, has almost all the details, and prices are lower than those of the organizer. A convenient search engine will allow you to see many sports events near you and on the edge of the World. In order to book participation - just click "Request" and the organizer will contact you. We will do our best to protect the interests of the participants both at the booking stage and during the trip. The service for receiving payments will allow participants to pay for selected events quickly, conveniently and safely. We use the highest security standards to ensure the safety of your data. Read our Privacy Policy to understand how we use personal information.

We will be happy about every trip you will take and every new event you have added!

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