The list of the best football players of all time on the planet

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In the world of football, there can be understanding for many things, but one issue has created and will always create great debate among fans, analysts, and club members. If you ask someone, "Who are the best athletes of all time?" some, based on their feelings and similarities, will mention certain athletes, while others, based on their emotions, will name others. So, this is a subjective topic, and the names will vary based on personal preferences and eras. But we will do an analysis and try to answer this question based on in-depth analysis, statistics, and creating a list of the best footballers of all time.

When discussing the giants of world football, it's important to recognize how the evolution of the game has affected the performances of athletes. For example, the playing conditions of legends like Maradona, Pelé, Di Stefano, and Cruyff varied greatly compared to those faced today by icons like Ronaldo, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Zidane. The approach towards athletes has also changed, moving from a context in which psychology and the harshness of fouls played a predominant role, to one in which the support and treatment of athletes have significantly improved.

In the first part of this article, we will talk about some of the best athletes from the past and analyze their qualities or strengths:

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Firstly, we'll discuss the legendary figure of Pelé, often referred to as the "Brazilian wizard." Throughout his illustrious career, he shattered numerous records, with his remarkable goal-scoring prowess and technical skills standing out as his signature traits. A distinctive achievement in his portfolio is being the youngest athlete to participate in a World Cup final, a milestone he reached in 1958 when he was just 17 years old. Additionally, he's among the elite group of athletes who have netted over 1000 goals, showcasing his extraordinary level of play. Beyond his statistical achievements, Pelé's legacy is cemented by his sophisticated technique and his pivotal role in leading Brazil to triumph in three World Cup tournaments.

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Diego Armando Maradona

"El Pibe De Oro" (The Golden Boy) is celebrated for his unparalleled technical skills and memorable goals. His unmatched technique, dribbling prowess, and agility were a nightmare for defenders tasked with halting his advances. Diego carved his name in history with Napoli, clinching the Serie A title and netting numerous stunning goals. On the international stage with Argentina, he secured a World Cup victory and scored two iconic goals that have etched their place in history. One such goal is famously dubbed the "Hand of God" against England, and another spectacular goal in the same match saw him weaving through half the field, bypassing 4-5 athletes before finding the net. Despite his illustrious career, it was not without its controversies, which only added to the legend that surrounds him.

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Alfredo Di Stefano

He stands as an iconic figure for both Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. In his remarkable eleventh season with Madrid, he secured 8 La Liga titles and was instrumental in the team's 5 consecutive Champions League victories. Throughout his tenure at Madrid, Di Stefano amassed 218 goals over 282 appearances. Football greats such as Bobby Charlton and Franz Beckenbauer have lauded Alfredo as the finest athlete to ever grace the sport. Ferenc Puskas, another football luminary who played alongside Di Stefano, remarked, “He is the best there has ever been, and likely ever will be.” Such high praise from peers of his caliber clearly illustrates the immense respect and admiration held for Alfredo Di Stefano’s contributions to football.

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Johan Cruyff

A game-changing figure in football, reshaping how teams work together, both with Barcelona and the Dutch team. He introduced the world to "total football," a strategy that emphasized flexible roles and teamwork. While at Barcelona, Cruyff earned 20 trophies, including winning the Champions Cup three years in a row (1971, 1972, 1973). Cruyff was famous for being really fast and always scoring goals. He was so unpredictable during games. Also, he's remembered for a special dribbling move and a unique turn that bear his name, commonly referred to as the "Cruyff Turn" during training sessions.

In addition to these football legends, the sport has seen the emergence of new icons who have pushed the limits further. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have elevated the concept of rivalry and excellence to unprecedented heights, establishing new benchmarks in commitment, talent, and reliability. Let's explore some of the standout athletes since 2000: