Realix Cup

22.05.2021 - 23.05.2021
Realix Cup
Excel Mouscron (BE), 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig (DE), Academy Mohammed VI (MA), FC Bratslav (UA), FC Etoile Sportive (LX), Extremadura FS (ES), Faro EF (PT), U.S. Aurora Desio (IT), TA Rennes 1907 (FR), C.S. Pays Vert, K. Olsa Brakel, RFC Liege (BE)
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Belgium , Lessines

22.05.2021 - 23.05.2021

Age group
B12 (8vs8) , B13 (8vs8)  

Discover the Realix Cup, the young football tournament for children in the suburbs of Brussels, hosted by the Royale Entente Acren Lessines. Since September 2018, the club has updated coverage at its stadium in the Lessines municipality. You will have a great time playing football and during your free time with us. Enjoy the beautiful views and architecture taking a bike or walking around the Lessines. There is no Registration fee in the tournament, and the team have to pay just meals expenses. Hurry up! Limited number of participants!

The tournament was planned to start in May 2020, but due to the corona virus pandemic, it was moved a year later. All participants in 2020 confirmed their participation for the next year. And these are several clubs from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Morocco, Germany, Ukraine, France.


The game squad will include 12 players, 8 players on the field and 4 substitutes. Participating teams are divided into groups of 6 teams. The first 2 teams from the group are qualified in the final stage of the Champions League. The 3rd and 4th place qualify in the ¼ finals of the Europa League and 5th and 6th in the ¼ finals of the Intertoto Cup. The final stage consists of 3 matches.

The winner of the final will be awarded with a trophy for 1 year. After that the prize will be changed for a duplicate, remaining with the club finally. We reward all teams with cups, and all players with souvenirs and medals. There is a prize for best fans. The best goalkeeper and best player of the tournament are awarded with special prizes. The most correct team receives the Fair Play trophy.

* upon request

The price includes:

  • Water to participants
  • Transfer to the sport center
  • The transfers from airports and railway stations
  • Souvenir
  • Free entrance to the stadium

The cost is specified with full board per person for specified number of nights. Applications from the teams are accepted no later than 145 days before the start of the tournament.

The team must pay for accommodation and meals expenses in the following order:

  • 50% are transferred no later than - 30 days after registration.
  • 100% are transferred no later than - 50 days before the tournament starts.

The penalty for cancellation of the team's participation is:

  • later than 100 days before the tournament starts - 40% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 30 days before the tournament starts - 60% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 10 days before the tournament starts - 90% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.

The nearest airports to the venue: Brussels Airport, Aéroport de Lille-Lesquin, Charleroi Airport.

Registration fee per team
Age categories Guest team , Local team , Own accommodation ,
B13 (8vs8) , B12 (8vs8) 0 150 Is not allowed

The price includes :

  • Welcome drink
  • Tournament participation

Registration fee is not refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

You may not choose your own accommodation

You will definitely like the Notre Dame de la Rose Hospital Museum, which is rumored to be the first hospital in Europe. Nearby, in the city of Geraardsbergen, it will be interesting to climb the mountain, which was nicknamed the "Wall". It offers amazing views of the surrounding cities and villages. We can also arrange interesting trips for you to Pairi Daiza Zoo and Bellewaerde Amusement Park.

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