Dana Cup Mini

18.05.2023 - 20.05.2023
Dana Cup Mini
Fjellhamar FK (NO), Hjørring FK, Vidar FK (NO), Oxelösunds IK (SE), Lillehammer FK (NO), Klaksvíkar Ítróttarfelag (FO), Buchholzer FC (DE), Fortuna Hjørring, DUFK Chornomorets (UA)
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Denmark , Hjørring

18.05.2023 - 20.05.2023

Age group
B10 (5vs5) , B11 (8vs8) , B12 (8vs8) , B13 (11vs11) , B14 (11vs11) , B15 (11vs11) , B16 (11vs11)  
Age group
G10 (5vs5) , G11 (8vs8) , G12 (8vs8) , G13 (11vs11) , G14 (11vs11) , G15 (11vs11) , G16 (11vs11)  

How do you like participating in a small version of the Dana Cup summer tournament? The same fields, the same conditions, the same strong organization and attention to each participant, only in spring! We present to you the international children's football tournament Dana Cup Mini! All the same bright colors as in summer!

The launch of the first Dana Cup Mini took place in May 2023. Using all our connections we have gained over the years, we invited a variety of clubs from foreign countries and were forced to limit the number of teams in one age category to 16.


It is automatically allowed to include in the team 2 players who are 1 year older than the basic age category. For age classes playing 5 on 5, only 1 such player is allowed. All participants will be divided into groups. The winners of all groups advance to the final competition for 1-4 places. All runners-up teams will compete for 5th-8th places. And so on.

The first 4 teams are awarded with trophies and medals. We also give a special prize to the best player of each final match.

The price includes:

  • The discounts to entertainment
  • Free entrance to the stadium
  • Free entrance to the opening ceremony and finals

The cost is specified with full board per person for specified number of nights. Applications from the teams are accepted no later than 48 days before the start of the tournament.

The team must pay for accommodation and meals expenses in the following order:

  • 100% are transferred no later than - 33 days before the tournament starts.

The penalty for cancellation of the team's participation is:

  • later than 48 days before the tournament starts - 60% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 18 days before the tournament starts - 100% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.

The nearest airports to the venue: Aalborg airport.

The approximate cost of a transfer from Aalborg airport is 13 per person one way.

The stadium is within walking distance
Registration fee per team
Age categories Guest team , Local team , Own accommodation , Participant`s fee,
B10 (5vs5) , G10 (5vs5) 228 228 228 44
B11 (8vs8) , B12 (8vs8) , G11 (8vs8) , G12 (8vs8) 228 228 228 44
B13 (11vs11) , B14 (11vs11) , B16 (11vs11) , B15 (11vs11) 228 228 228 44
G13 (11vs11) , G14 (11vs11) , G15 (11vs11) , G16 (11vs11) 228 228 228 44

The price includes :

  • Tournament participation

Registration fee is not refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

The organizer charges an additional Participant's Fee for each participant of the team that chooses Own accommodation.

You can visit the large aqua complex Hjørring Park Vendia without restriction using the Dana Cup Band bracelet. Plus, we offer good discounts to the Fårup Summerland amusement park. The kids will also enjoy a coastal trip to Hirtshals, home of Europe's largest aquarium, lighthouse and WWII bunker museum.

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