Photo of winners at Tallinn Cup 2015 football tournament in the stadium

Tallinn Cup

04.07.2024 - 07.07.2024
Tallinn Cup
Djugardens IF (SE), Käpylän Pallo FC (FI), ABD Aziz FC (UZ), Malmo FF (SE), CF Cervera (ES), Hammarby IF (SE), Dziugas FC (LT), Ogres NSC (LV), Haralar FK (AZ), Ventspils FK (LV), Breclav FC (CZ), Vincennois C.O. (FR), Lisek UKS (PL)

Estonia , Tallinn

04.07.2024 - 07.07.2024

Age group
B9 (7vs7) , B10 (7vs7) , B11 (9vs9) , B12 (9vs9) , B13 (11vs11) , B14 (11vs11) , B15 (11vs11) , B16 (11vs11)  
Age group
G11 (7vs7) , G13 (9vs9) , G15 (11vs11)  

The International Festival Tallinn Cup has been held since 2007 in July, in one of the most beautiful places in Europe - the city of Tallinn. Tallinn is an absolutely European city with well-developed infrastructure, wi-fi access on the streets in the city center, people fluently speaking Russian and English, modern transport and hotels for any prosperity. Tallinn Cup - is held at several sports complexes, the main one is A. Le Coq Arena - it has five artificial and natural fields.

Among the participants of the festival were teams from England, Finland, Poland, Mexico, USA, India, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, France, Czech Republic.

Young footballers in action at the Tallinn Cup tournament


The festival starts with group games, then the best two teams from each group go to the Final Elite Cup group stage, the remaining teams go to the Final Simple Cup group stage. Group stages will be held from Friday to Saturday. On Sunday, only the teams which took the first places in their groups will play. Arrival teams 1 day before the tournament

Each participant receives a diploma, the best players are awarded with a prizes in each age. There are individual prizes for the winners teams in each age.

The price includes:

  • Water to participants
  • Transfer to the sport center
  • Free accommodation for 1 coach
  • Guide
  • The transfers from airports and railway stations
  • The discounts to entertainment
  • Souvenir
  • Free entrance to the stadium
  • Free entrance to the opening ceremony and finals

The cost is specified with full board per person for specified number of nights. Applications from the teams are accepted no later than 31 days before the start of the tournament.

The team must pay for accommodation and meals expenses in the following order:

  • 50% are transferred no later than - 30 days before the tournament.
  • 100% are transferred no later than - 15 days before the tournament starts.

The penalty for cancellation of the team's participation is:

  • later than 30 days before the tournament starts - 50% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 7 days before the tournament starts - 100% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.

The nearest airports to the venue: Tallinn airport, Riga airport, Helsinki airport.

The approximate cost of a transfer from Riga is 20 per person one way.

The approximate cost of a transfer from Helsinki is 30 per person one way.

Registration fee per team
Age categories Guest team , Local team , Own accommodation ,
B9 (7vs7) , B10 (7vs7) , G11 (7vs7) 280 300 490
B11 (9vs9) , B12 (9vs9) , G13 (9vs9) 280 300 490
B13 (11vs11) , B14 (11vs11) , G15 (11vs11) 280 300 490
B15 (11vs11) , B16 (11vs11) 280 300 490

The price includes :

  • Coaches party entrance for 1-2 persons
  • Tournament participation
  • Official T-shirt for the coach

Registration fee is not refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

The main attractions of Tallinn, which are either free or available at a great discount for Tallinn Cup Bracelet holders. "Old Town" of Tallinn, attracts its streets and adventures. You can visit the most popular places: Town Hall Square, Freedom Square, The underground fortifications, The flight harbor, artists' shops, Zoo, Kiek in de köök.

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