Youth football team at the Ischia Cup Memorial Carmine Silvitelli tournament

Ischia Cup Memorial Carmine Silvitelli

24.05.2024 - 26.05.2024
Ischia Cup Memorial Carmine Silvitelli
Bologna FC 1909, AC Monza, Internazionale FC, Manchester City FC (EN), Juventus FC, AC Milan, FC Lugano, Empoli FC, Cagliari Calcio, Venezia FC
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Italy , Ischia Island

24.05.2024 - 26.05.2024

Age group
B13 (9vs9)  

Step into a world of unparalleled excitement with the Ischia Cup, an extraordinary children's football extravaganza set against the breathtaking backdrop of Ischia Island's natural wonders. This tournament is not just an event, it's a gateway to a realm of unforgettable moments that have long been absent from your life. Get ready to be enchanted not only by the mesmerizing landscapes and architectural marvels but also by a slew of football academies representing elite pro clubs from Spain, France, Italy, Finland, and beyond.

From its humble beginnings, this tournament has evolved into a magnet for European football powerhouses, with the likes of AC Milan, FC Lugano, Empoli FC, Manchester City FC, FC Internazionale, and more gracing its fields.

Youth football team at the Ischia Cup Memorial Carmine Silvitelli tournament


Each team embarks on a journey through the group stage, culminating in a thrilling progression to the intense Play Offs round.

The champions won't just take home trophies, they'll seize a slice of prestige. Every participant will be awarded medals. The top player and goalkeeper will receive award, while the most fair played team will be rewarded with a special prize.

The price includes:

  • Water to participants
  • Transfer to the sport center
  • The transfers from airports and railway stations
  • Free entrance to the stadium

The cost is specified with full board per person for specified number of nights. Applications from the teams are accepted no later than 60 days before the start of the tournament.

The team must pay for accommodation and meals expenses in the following order:

  • 50% are transferred no later than - 5 days after registration.
  • 100% are transferred no later than - 30 days before the tournament starts.

The penalty for cancellation of the team's participation is:

  • later than 180 days before the tournament starts - 50% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 30 days before the tournament starts - 100% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.

The nearest airports to the venue: Naples Airport.

Football team at the Ischia Cup Memorial Carmine Silvitelli tournament
Registration fee per team
Age categories Guest team , Local team , Own accommodation ,
B13 (9vs9) 250 250 Is not allowed

The price includes :

  • Tournament participation

Registration fee is not refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

You may not choose your own accommodation

Ischia known for its stunning beaches, hidden coves, and thermal springs scattered like jewels in its gardens and parks, invites you to immerse yourself in therapeutic thermal baths and a full spectrum of sea activities. Beyond its natural wonders, the island boasts a rich historical heritage. Don't miss the chance to be part of something more than a tournament.

Registration is over

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