U11 KHS Cup

18.01.2025 - 19.01.2025
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All clubs, which are members of their FIFA affiliated national associations, are welcome to participate in the tournament. In countries where football is operated by the schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association.
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All players must be insured during the whole tournament. Organizers don't carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property and does not accept responsibility in any way for accidents, injuries, or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events. The stadiums have points for the provision of first aid. To obtain a visa for participation in the tournament, a team representative must send a list of all the official delegation of the team, indicating the passport data and the validity period. Based on the invitation from the organizers, the participants and officials of the team will be able to obtain visas.
The event organizer will contact you after submitting the application for participation, and you will receive an additional notification by e-mail.
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