Germany Cup Goch-Venlo

11.06.2022 - 12.06.2022
Germany Cup Goch-Venlo
FC Concordia e.V. 1919, VV Dovo (NL), SV Pang 1950, VV De Bataven (NL), SV Sparta Lichtenberg, TuS Quelle, AS Kochersberg (FR), AS Pierrots Vauban (FR), VfB Ottersleben, JFV Aller-Weser, Bredballe IF (DK)
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Germany , Goch

11.06.2022 - 12.06.2022

Age group
B9 (7vs7) , B10 (7vs7) , B11 (7vs7) , B12 (9vs9) , B13 (9vs9) , B13 (11vs11) , B15 (11vs11) , B17 (11vs11)  

We present to your attention the football tournament Germany Cup, which is held by us in two countries at once - in the city of Goch, Germany and Venlo, the Netherlands, which is located on the border of our countries. We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience for you. You will appreciate the architecture and historical monuments of our cities! Most of the games will be played on natural grass fields, and the competition will be attended by teams from many European countries!

As always, we offer you thrilling duels on the German-Dutch border, we will provide modern high-quality fields for games and a well-thought-out tournament grid. Foreign teams give a special flavor to the competition, making the atmosphere of the tournament unforgettable.


All teams advance to the semi-finals from the group and play the final positions. There are three different final stages: the top two places in the group play in the Gold Final, the next two teams play in the Silver Final and the rest in the Bronze Final.

The first team of the tournament at each age is awarded with a cup, a certificate of participation and a cash voucher. The second place receives a small cup, a certificate of participation and a medal. Second place in age categories B14-B19 receives small cash voucher.

The price includes:

  • Guide
  • Souvenir
  • Free entrance to the stadium
  • Free entrance to the opening ceremony and finals

The cost is specified with full board per person for specified number of nights. Applications from the teams are accepted no later than 5 days before the start of the tournament.

The team must pay for accommodation and meals expenses in the following order:

  • 15% are transferred no later than - 14 days after registration.
  • 100% are transferred no later than - 40 days before the tournament starts.

The penalty for cancellation of the team's participation is:

  • later than 31 days before the tournament starts - 40% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 20 days before the tournament starts - 65% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.
  • later than 2 days before the tournament starts - 85% of the full cost of food and accommodation expenses.

The nearest airports to the venue: Weeze airport, Dusseldorf airport.

Registration fee per team
Age categories Guest team , Local team , Own accommodation ,
B9 (7vs7) , B10 (7vs7) , B11 (7vs7) , B12 (9vs9) , B13 (9vs9) , B13 (11vs11) , B15 (11vs11) , B17 (11vs11) 94 94 Is not allowed

The price includes :

  • Tournament participation

Registration fee is not refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Arrival on the first day of the tournament is not possible
You may not choose your own accommodation

Goch is a very small city, for entertainment it is better to go to the national park de Masduinen or to the cities in the neighborhood - Kleve, Duisburg or Venlo. Venlo has plenty of theme parks and amusement parks with rollercoasters. Venlo is also home to the very famous Van Bommel van Dam art museum and the historic Limburg Museum.

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