Six useful tools to prepare your body for the upcoming match..

What vitamin, what wonderful pill should we drink before the game so that it is successful?
So that the legs are fast and strong, the movements are free and clear, the eyes are vigilant, the head is clear and calm, and the mood is sunny, and so that energy is in full swing?
Do you want to? But there is no such pill.. Despite the assurances of beautiful labels on jars in sports stores..
How to be??

Our body often tells us what to do by itself, but there are so many events, so many plans, so many things to do, gadgets, information that we cannot hear ourselves, the sensitivity is dulled and where it was possible to feel pain, relieve muscles, give an opportunity to recover , we do not feel and continue to strain them, we train hard without hearing prompts.

What are these hints? Look at small children - they often make some kind of movement that adults seem to be pampering or impolite, for example, swinging their hands, stretching (like cats), yawning and whenever they want - and this all removes unnecessary physical and mental stress.

Our body is a single whole, but not several disparate systems acting separately, and the body works together with the head and everything that fits into it: thoughts, emotions, consciousness, subconsciousness, and overflowing memory. And there are simple and understandable practices for everyone that help us restore connection with our body, give clarity to thoughts, vigor for body, optimize balance and coordination of movements and, thus, tune in to the game and use our own resources most effectively.

1. Breathing.
Here you can cite many practices and breathing exercises, let's take the simplest:
Take a deep and calm breath in and out - about 5-7 times. If you want to complicate things - inhale at the expense of 1-2-3-4, exhale at the expense of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 - at least 4-5 such inhalation-exhalation cycles.
For those who are interested, you can practice "Pranayama" (for example, Nadi-shadhana pranayama) or resource breathing through the mouth with voice accompaniment - like a sigh of relief in young children, there are a lot of options, choose what is easiest and most pleasant for you.

2. The connection of the Eye - Neck - Legs.
To exclude damage to the neck at such moments, for example, as looking back and down over the shoulder - at the ball - while continuing to move the body and legs forward + improve coordination and speed of movement.
Execution technique:
standing upright or any stable position with a straight back, the index finger supports the chin so that the neck does not involuntarily move behind the gaze,
The gaze is focused about 5-6 meters in front of us, slowly, as if we shine our eyes like headlights in front of us and move our gaze to the right, then turn our neck slowly to the right, shine our eyes like headlights in front of us and turn our gaze to the left, then turn our neck to the left, repeat 2-3 times.

3. "Humpty Dumpty"
Standing straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms are relaxed, we turn the body to the right and left, and our arms, like ropes, dangle freely to the right and to the left, you can breathe freely as you want, or you can inhale and exhale at every turn:
turn right, inhale-exhale, turn left, inhale - exhale
Children play around so much, you can see in more detail in the Aliyev Key technique or dynamic Qigong

4. Lazy hitting an invisible ball
Was not conceived specifically for footballers and suits everyone, and footballers too.
To do literally as it is written: as if reluctantly, with laziness, we kick an invisible ball, which is a little less than a meter away from us, while the leg is relaxed. It rises about 20-30 degrees at the end of the "kick", and the body deviates back - usually at break at school, the boys tease each other so much (very good relieves mental and physical stress, good for knee joints).

5. Balance - coordination - clear mind
Standing on one leg with your eyes closed, hold out as much as you can, from a few seconds to several minutes (this is very difficult), then repeat this with the other leg, hold the body and the other leg as it is more comfortable to maintain balance
If you want to see the execution in more detail - see Asana the golden rooster in yoga. The main thing is the essence, you don't need to do it thoroughly.

6. Self-massage
Before training or playing, you can use patting and / or tapping - on the arms, legs, ribs, on the pectoral muscles, on the back near the neck (trapezius muscle area) - to stimulate the muscles, to increase their activity;  And after training or playing, it is good to use various gadgets specially designed for this, for example, a massage roller with which you can work on almost all body surfaces. There are a lot of options for using it on the floor and near the wall. There are denser and hard rollers, there are softer ones, a softer roller is better for the back.
There is also such a thing as a Lyapko applicator for relaxing and restoring muscles (a simpler Kuznetsov applicator is also suitable) - it can be in the form of a small roller with a handle or in the form of a strip of about 10 by 20 cm (according to the neurologist, strips are more effective for a local problem, and the roller is for general muscle relaxation).


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